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Bio: As with everything in life, there's few things black and white. That's true even for such despicable things as human trafficking and modern day slavery. Abductions and other means of force are used to enslave women all around the world. Even in your quaint picket-fence neighbourhood. That's a fact. But the psychology of the problem has deeper rooted seeds than that. It seeps in to the core fabric of a globalized society increasingly built on advertising and consumerism, where the end result is all that matters, and we reach for it using any means necessary. In the desperate quest for the myth of success, our souls has become a tradable commodity, and the sanctity of life is interchangable for a diamond necklace. It's done to such an intricate extent, that sometimes people choose to enslave themselves in order to buy freedom. We index our value as humans against the value of our wardrobe. We index our value as humans against the paycheck. This issue of victims and perpetrators involved in human trafficking isn't always as clear-cut bound by generics as we'd sometimes like to think. To a larger extent, men and female alike are trapped in the destructive spider-web of our current social construction. This is why human trafficking is so much more than cracking down hard on crime, it also involves re-evaluating our views on what life is, what success is, and at what costs we are willing to pursue it. Sincerely, Jamie Athens

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